Our Approach

Value for your investment in consulting and project management is the overriding concern for most ERP and IT projects. The greatest problem in the industry today is that most vendors believe they can charge exorbitant fees for mediocre resources.

Scientia Solutions is dedicated to delivering exemplary resources at a reasonable price to ensure your Lawson Budgeting and Planning project is a resounding success.

With Scientia Solutions you can be confident your project will go live on time and on budget.

We have experience migrating clients from:

  • Hyperion
  • Avega
  • SRC
  • Kaufman Hall
  • Custom Solutions

Engagement and Delivery Model

We architect complete solutions that includes Reporting, Data Extraction for Global Rates, Flexible Budget (FB) maintenance and PA70 Position Budget procedures and file transfers. Our project methodology includes:

  • Comprehensive Project Plans that includes:
    • Risk and Change Management
    • LSF Security Considerations
    • LBI, Dashboard, and Portal Changes
    • Flexible Budgeting
    • Position Control
  • In-depth Application Familiarization using YOUR data
  • Customized Procedures manuals written specifically to address YOUR budgeting and forecasting process
  • Comprehensive End User manuals to supplement Lawson material
  • Professional, consultant led End User Training
  • Post Live Support and Mentoring

Our philosophy is to design for production. The LBP Development environment is built using current production data; mitigating timing and conversion issues. Migration tools are used to programmatically build the LBP Production environment resulting in a speedier implementation.