Our Core Competencies

At Scientia Solutions LLC we have differentiated ourselves from the competition by developing sophisticated, comprehensive Lawson Budgeting and Planning design approaches in the following areas:

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System Calculations (Modeling)

Models calculate budget values based on global rates, financial and workforce data. This allows budget planners to focus on entering expenses or inputs while LBP calculates balances that are typically driven from other account balances or references to global rates.

Multi Year Forecast   Volume Driven FTE Calculations
Basic Hospital Modeling
System Calculations in LBP are simple and straight forward:
  • Models do not require scripting language knowledge, (unlike Hyperion or Avega)
  • Models can be built in the application by Accountants using point and click wizards
  • Models can be created in Excel and imported
Our Core Modeling Competencies include:
  • Revenue - CDM/CPT/DRG, & Units of Service
  • Funding Sources - State Funded Program Based Reimbursement
  • Contractual Allowances, Discounts, & Bad Debt
  • Intercompany Purchased Services & Discounts
  • Intercompany Expense Eliminations
  • Workforce Productivity & Nursing Grids
  • Variable Expense Costing
  • CA10 Allocations
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Volume Based Variances (i.e. Flex Budgeting)
  • Benchmarks, Costing Statistics, and Budgeting Statistics
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Productive/Non Productive Salary Calculations based on Volume
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Position Control & Workforce Budgeting

Position Control & Workforce Budgeting

Scientia consultants were among the first to implement and use the Position Control feature in LBP.

We specialize in designing workforce budgets that align FTEs by skill mix or EEO Category for productive and non-productive pay. This approach allows us to budget for Productivity and Nursing Grids.

Depending on the client requirements for staffing and position control, we can design Workforce Budgets for either Paid FTE or Total FTE budgeting.

Let us show you how to use Workforce Budgets to trap and record Activity (AC20) based expenses within the operating budget.
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Alternative Budget Structures

We have experience developing budget structures and workforce approaches designed to address the following issues:

  • Balance Sheet Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Activities and Capital Budgets
  • Budgeting workforce across multiple grants and funding sources in one Workforce Budget
  • Calculating Physician Revenue across multiple cost centers
  • Pooling accounting units across multiple companies
  • Budgeting sensitive staff (i.e. Executives or Doctors) outside traditional GL Companies then reading aggregated data back into the operating budget.
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Flexible Budgeting and Strategic Planning in LBP

Our consultants can help you create 5 and 10 year strategic projections, evaluate funding proposals, and assess the operational impact of planned growth using LBP.

Maintaining a volume based variance budget in LBP is a straight forward process that can include multiple approaches to flexing budgets including: calculated budget or actual drivers, standard costs, and statistics. Let us show you how.

Flex Budget in LBP
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Project/Activities Budgeting

Revenue and Cost of Services (by product line or functional area) can be modeled in LBP Activities. The resulting output is mapped to and updates the Financial Budget which may be structured differently to support Compliance Reporting or a different Organizational Structure.

This approach gives you the flexibility to allows different sets of user to access only those areas where they need to interact with the budgeting and forecasting process.

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