Custom Reporting

Lawson Budgeting and Planning comes with a reporting solution pack that is executed within LBI Reporting Services. We offer our clients an alternative approach to reporting versus the LBP standard reports.

Why choose custom reporting?

The Canned LBP Reporting Solution Limitations

  • Limited number of reports to cover all aspects of reporting for both Financial and Workforce
  • Built to fit EVERY organization, not specific needs of YOUR organization
  • Minimal database documentation makes modification of existing reports difficult
  • Reporting solution pack must be applied each time LBP is patched
  • Must maintain compatible version of LBI for reports to work

Custom Reporting Alternative

  • Reports are specific to YOUR organizational needs
  • Flexible table driven reporting parameters behind the scenes
  • Reduces dependency between compatible LBP and LBI release levels
  • Comprehensive schema mapping and report design documentation
  • Reports can be scheduled and burst in LBI Dashboards
  • Minimal annual maintenance
Here is a typical LBP Dashboard that illustrates multiple types of reports, the application executable and a documentation section for disseminating instructions and templates to the planning community Comparative Report with VariancesBudget Variance ReportPosition Control Report
FTE & Salary Analysis Twelve Month Report Metrics

Our approach is twofold; (a) build baseline reports for your organization that can be leveraged by your Decision Support Staff and (b) train your Reporting Analyst during the build process so they can piggyback on our effort and become proficient at creating and maintaining new LBP reports.